MacroMicroCosm Literary Review’s Sapha Burnell sits down with Kate Keenan of Big Bend Literary Journal to talk literary success, writing on a mountain, and the TikTok… maybe not all about the TikTok, as they discuss Healing Hands & the writer’s life. 

MacroMicroCosm Literary Review interviews BK Greenwood about Historical & Paranormal Thriller The Last Roman: Exile. Gladiator meets Highlander meets John Wick. An entertaining centuries-spanning adventure. Magic Realism & Cyberpunk author Sapha Burnell interviews BK. Thank you to Shannon at R&R Book Tours for connecting us.

MacroMicroCosm reviews Dark Fantasy novel Pretty Deadly by Kelsey Josund published by Darkstroke Books. Cinderella never enjoyed murder and intrigue so much. Read it, and you will too.

MacroMicroCosm Literary Review interviews Annabelle Lewis about Contemporary Thriller with a mythological edge, Cut and Run. For the MMC giveaway, please @macromicrocosmlitjournal on instagram & use the hashtag #annabellelewismmc or comment down below. We will not ask for your personal information. Thank you to Shannon at R&R Book Tours for connecting us.

MacroMicroCosm Lit Reviews interviews asian fantasy author Fred Yu about his new launch The Orchid Farmer's Sacrifice, Daoist Kung Fu & a way to cook. Thanks to R&R Book Tours & Susan Schwartzman

MacroMicroCosm Literary Review shakes up our format with an interview. Join Lis and author Ryan Young to discuss his paranormal thriller The Shepherd's Burden. Thanks to R&R Book Tours & Bookshop.org. 

MacroMicroCosm Literary Review takes on Metropolis directed by Fritz Lang written by Thea von Harbou. Like it? You'll love NEON Lieben by Sapha Burnell. Join our Discord Server

MacroMicroCosm reviews Automatic Reload by Ferrett Steinmetz published by Tor Books; audiobook narration by Tim Campbell. A technical romp into mental illness, cyberpunks & the assassins who love them. 4/5 stars.

In today's episode, we discuss Recovering Villains. MacroMicroCosm Lit Journal in Print & Digital. Use Code MAYTHE4TH for 10% off. Aegis by RL Arenz III published by Vraeyda Literary.

We are proud to be Open for Submissions, via Duosuma (Duotrope) our submissions manager. Bring us your full length manuscripts in the sci-fi, contemporary fantasy & speculative fiction genres. Visit Vraeyda Literary for Aegis, by RL Arenz III

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